Vallourec & Sumitomo Tubos do Brasil (VSB) is fruit of a joint venture between French company Vallourec and Japanese Sumitomo Metals. The steel plant, located in Jeceaba, Minas Gerais, is equipped with the most modern equipment in the market for the production of seamless steel tubes.

With R$5 billion invested and an industrial area of 2.5 million square meters, VSB will principally supply the international oil and gas market.

Out of its total 1 million tons/year of the forecast crude steel production, 700 thousand tons will be used to manufacture 600 thousand tons of premium seamless steel tubes.

VSB was inaugurated in September 2011 and, at the peak of its construction, generated over 11 thousand Jobs, giving priority to the regional labor force. In its present operations, 1,600 direct jobs and 1,800 new outsourced labor positions have been created.

VSB uses the most modern steel making equipment to produce high quality seamless steel tubes destined for the oil and gas industry by means of its Premium Quality Finishing (PQF) system. The process consists of a rotational heating furnace, a piercing rolling mill, a reheating furnace, a 12-stand calibrating mill, in addition to non-destructive testing equipment.

A heat treatment line, a line for line pipe finishing and a threading line for Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) – Tubular products for the petroleum industry – will allow the manufacture of premium API and VAM® connections.

VSB’s steel plant possesses equipment unique in Latin America: CONSTEEL. The device allows energy consumption optimization during the steel making process and assures a greater control over the steel production with low noise and particle emissions. This guarantees a good yield of the steel bars fabrication process and the commitment to sustainability since energy consumption is lower.

Additionally, VSB will be the only company from the Vallourec group to have a pelletizing plant inside the industrial complex proper. The pelletizing plant will supply the two blast furnaces built to be used with either charcoal or coke.

VSB received the endorsement of standards certifications of API/Q1, API 5L, API 5ct, ISO/TS 29001 and ISO 9001 from the American Petroleum Institute (API)

Jeceaba municipality is a strategic geographical location, with easy access by highway and railway to the ports of Rio de Janeiro, Santos (SP) and Vitória (ES), which allows production flow with quality and safety.

Additionally, VSB is close to two of the main subsidiaries of V & M do BRASIL (VMB) to supply raw material: V & M MINERAÇÃO (VMMN), which has the capacity to produce 4 million tons/year of iron ore and V & M FLORESTAL (VMFL) which produces charcoal. To meet VSB’s additional demand, VMFL plans to triple its production by 2016.


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