Ternium is a leading company in the Americas that manufactures and produces a wide range of state-of-the-art steel products. It caters to clients in various industries such as automotive, construction, metalworking, white goods, energy and transportation.

With production units in six countries, Ternium is present in Brazil through the Santa Cruz plant in Rio de Janeiro, acquired in September 2017. The most modern and sustainable steel complex in Brazil has the capacity to produce 5 million of tons of high quality plates annually, serving the most sophisticated markets of Brazil and the world.

The logistics is one of the company’s great differentials. With its own port in Sepetiba Bay and a railway line that serves the plant, Ternium is able to supply demanding markets with agility and efficiency.

Ternium in Rio de Janeiro generates more than six thousand direct jobs, of which 61% are residents of the West Zone of the city.

Technology and Sustainability

The Ternium plant in Santa Cruz was designed following the most modern technology in the present day, which can be perceived in all stages of production. With this, the company guarantees minimum levels of impact to the environment and maximum efficiency and safety. Developed to be sustainable since its inception, Ternium is the plant with low intensity of CO2 emissions compared to other steel mills in the world, recovering heat in several stages.

With a thermoelectric plant, which generates energy from the gases and vapors produced in the steelmaking process, Ternium in Rio de Janeiro does not depend on the external energy supply and still transfers more than 200MW to the National Interconnected System. This surplus is sufficient to serve about 880 thousand residences.

The company has two treatment units that allow the reuse of 96% of the water used in its industrial process. All industrial sewage is collected and treated, preventing the discharge of effluents in the rivers and Sepetiba Bay. The Ternium plant also reuses the waste generated by operations to transform them into raw material for cement, civil construction and paving.

Community Factory

In order to strengthen the relationship with the communities around the company, Ternium has an extensive program of social responsibility, with several projects and actions that benefit more than 20 thousand people directly. The company was responsible for the construction of two technical schools and two health institutions and for carrying out various actions that contribute to the economic and social development of the Santa Cruz and Itaguaí regions.


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