Steel is a product of high importance in the dynamics of human activity, playing a key role in the economy, mainly for being an essential element for the perfect connection among various production chains.
Fully recyclable, steel moves the economy on all stages.

The sector has undertaken sustainable development principles and values, always seeking the most rational use of natural resources and inputs, besides adopting technologies allowing lower impact on the environment.

In addition, the steel industry is committed to the improvement of quality of life in the Brazilian Society through maintaining efficient, productive and market-oriented mills, generating opportunities for growth and wealth to employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders and communities.
Learn about social responsibility actions developed by Brazilian steelmakers.
Read the publication that consolidates the economic, environmental and social performances of the steel sector, one of the first to perform a study of this nature.
Steel is today the most recyclable and recycled product in the world. Upon the end of their useful life, steel-containing products feed the mills’ blast furnaces, becoming once again steel, with the same quality. See the flow chart.
Acting now towards a sustainable present and future is the responsibility of everyone and a priority for the Brazil Steel Institute. Learn about Brazil Steel Co-products Center, an initiative meant to contribute to the preservation of non-renewable resources and to the country’s development.
Learn about the Sustainability Protocol Charcoal, launched by the steel industry at a ceremony presided over by Minister of Environment Izabella Teixeira, in Brasilia.

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