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Installed in Marabá, in the Southeast of Pará, Siderúrgica Norte Brasil S.A. – SINOBRAS started to produce steel in 2008 and, since then, has been gaining space in the domestic market for the quality of its product line for construction and for an efficient logistics that takes the products where the customer is.

With the mission of producing steel in a sustainable way, with high performance of its processes and special service, adding value to customers, employees, shareholders and society, SINOBRAS contributes to the development of the state in which it operates, invests in labor and local suppliers and generates about 1,300 direct jobs and 30,000 indirect jobs.

First integrated steel plant in the North and Northeast, SINOBRAS now has the capacity to produce 380,000 tons of steel per year and is investing about $ 200 million in the expansion project of its production capacity, called SINOBRAS Phase 2, to reach the mark of 800 thousand tons/year. To ensure its energy self-sufficiency, SINOBRAS also has 1% of the consortium of Belo Monte Plant, as a self-producer. People - SINOBRAS professionals are valued and trained constantly, mainly to operate new technologies implemented in the company. No wonder that one of SINOBRAS values is to keep a talented team, committed and fulfilled.

The company has earned in Pará the 1st place in the award Prazer em Trabalhar 2015 - which recognizes through research the best practices in Human Resources. This is how SINOBRAS optimizes its production and improve its performance day by day.

The relationship with the people goes beyond its workforce, supporting Marabá institutions that help community development. The Fundação de Assistência à Criança e ao Adolescente - FUNCAD is one of the supported entities. Responsible for promoting culture through music and sport, it attends every day more than 600 children and adolescents at social risk. Culture also deserves the attention of SINOBRAS which, since 2009, sponsors the Companhia de Dança Yaguara, an important cultural expression of the municipality.

Another aspect of SINOBRAS care is the environment, which is why one of its actions is to support the Fundação Zoobotânica de Marabá, responsible for the Parque Zoobotânico of the city, where species of animals and plants at risk of extinction are preserved.

Sustainability - The production of SINOBRAS steel is aligned to the sustainable values. The operational area is equipped with the most advanced technologies, respecting the environment and the natural resources. In its production process, the steel has fronts that operate in: water and sewer recovery; with bioreducers; with gases reuse, besides the operation of a sintering, that recycles almost all co-product generated in the steel manufacturing process. SINOBRAS has a water treatment station and two sewage treatment station, leading to a reuse of 97% of the water used. The company also has a dedusting system that captures solid particles generated during the steel production in the steel mill and the gases generated in the blast furnace unit are recycled monthly in the rolling of steel billets. Its steel production is carried out with 70% scrap and 30% liquid pig iron and is recognized as the largest recycler in the North and Northeast regions.


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