To defend and represent the Brazilian steelmaker industry, working to improve the competitiveness and sustainable development.


To be recognized as the professional association with the greatest representation, visibility and credibility of the business segment.


Ease of access to people, services and information of the Brazil Steel Institute.

Valuing People
To disseminate the culture of respect, consideration and civility among people.

To perform with full visibility, committed to the divulgation of actions and results.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
To promote actions towards social welfare, the protection and balance of the environment.

To meet the needs and expectations of internal and external customers efficiently and effectively.

To operate with dedication, effort and involvement in their activities.


A survey carried out by the Institute showed that the general public does not make a clear association between steelmaking and the steel producing industry. The term steelmaking is applied to other segments of the economy.

Furthermore, the survey identified the need to reinforce the importance of steel on the everyday lives of the people. At work, at home, during leisure activities, at hospitals, public works… wherever you look, there are products made of steel or made by steel machines. This presence is so constant that sometimes steel becomes invisible.

Within such context, the IBS has changed its name to Instituto Aço Brasil (in Portuguese version), and is adopting a new logo, keeping pace with the demands of our society regarding sustainability, strengthening the identity of the Brazilian steel industry and the importance of steel in people’s lives and in the development of the country.

The Brazil Steel Institute is born undertaking the goal of reinforcing the steel industry’s positive attributes such as soundness, efficiency, social-environmental responsibility, resistance, modernity, reliability, besides clarifying any issues perceived inaccurately.

Brand Manual

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In pursuing these attributions, the Institute performs the following activities:

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