Read here the history of steel in the world, as well as the history of the creation of Brazil’s steelmaking park.


In the current stage of development of our society, it becomes impossible to think of the world without steel. The production of steel is a strong indicator of a country's stage of economic development. Its consumption grows proportionally to the construction of buildings, execution of public constructions, installation of means of communication and production of equipment.

These materials have become part of our routine, but producing them requires techniques that must be renewed on a cyclical basis, thus the constant investments made by the steel companies in research. The beginning and the perfecting process of the use of iron represented great challenges and achievements by mankind.

Learn now a little more about the process of creation and development of products and of the industry, in Brazil and in the world.


In the countryside of the state of São Paulo, the ruins of the first Brazilian steel mill may be found in the Ipanema National Forest. The Real Fábrica de Ferro de Ipanema, as it is more widely known, has a long history

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