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Producing more steel with less inputs and raw materials is a priority among Brazilian steelmakers. Energy conservation, water recirculation and steel and byproduct recycling programs have improved the sector’s ecoefficiency.

The sector has undertaken the challenge of going beyond compliance with the environmental legislation by developing clean technologies. In this regard, it establishes partnerships with universities, research institutions and other industrial segments, promoting studies and projects that allow rationalizing consumption of raw materials and inputs, optimizing energy efficiency and maximizing the use of gases, water and byproducts from steelmaking processes.

Brazil’s steelmakers also invest in social responsibility projects in the fields of culture, professional training and income generation, as well as in health and sanitation, scientific research, entrepreneurship and total quality, development of citizenship and voluntary work, juvenile support and food programs.

See below the initiatives developed by Brazilian steelmakers in the Sustainability field:

Associated Companies

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