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The Brazil Steel Institute has three entities under its management: the CCABrasil, an initiative meant to contribute to the preservation of non-renewable resources and to the country’s development; the CBCA, which focus on the promotion of the use of steel in civil construction; and CB-28, which develops a program regarding norms for steel products.

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Brazil Steel Coproducts Center (CCABrasil) was created in 2010 at Brazil Steel Institute, with the support of associated companies and external staff. With the purpose of enhancing reutilization rates of steel industry's co-products, CCA Brazil promotes the development of new technologies and optimizes current technologies to supply the consumers of such materials with technical quality, in a sustainable manner. The Center discloses technical and environmental benefits of using co-products to replace other materials.

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The Brazilian Center for Steel Construction (CBCA) has been working since 2002 with its members, associated companies located throughout the productive chain, as well as universities to advance and promote the use of steel in the Brazilian construction market. CBCA also conducts research and publishes studies on the manufacturing of steel structures and components. Pre fabricated steel systems, such as structural components and roofing, are well suited to meet the demands of a wide array of construction goals, permitting gains in productivity, as well as significant reductions in environmental and urban impacts. The Brazilian Steel Institute is the umbrella organization for the Brazilian Center for Steel Construction.

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The Brazilian Steel Committee - ABNT/CB-28, was established in 1996, under the scope of the ABNT – Brazilian National Standards Organization with the technical and financial support of Brazil Steel Institute. CB-28 is liable for preparing technical standards for Brazilian steel and steel products, and everyone interested in this subject may become part of the committee.

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