Brazil Steel Co-Products Center

Acting now towards a sustainable present and future is the responsibility of everyone, and a priority for the Brazil Steel Institute. That is why we have created the Brazil Steel Co-products Center, an initiative meant to contribute to the preservation of non-renewable resources and to the country’s development.

CCABrasil, created with the support of the Brazil Steel Institute’s associated members and colaborators, is an important step towards fostering the development of co-products meeting various applications, in terms of quality and sustainability.

Brazilian steel is world-famous for its high quality, and CCABrasil will work to ensure the same to the sector’s other products.

Applications for sustainable steelmaking co-products:

Studies and research conducted not only in Brazil but in other countries as well demonstrate concrete possibilities for the use of co-products in civil construction, pavement, ceramics, agriculture, production of cement and concrete, for example:
Benefits generated by the use of steel co-products:

The use of steel co-products will provide several environmental benefits:
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