Steel Aplications

Steel is present in our everyday life in the most varied occasions, and therefore often becomes invisible. See below its main applications and main consuming sectors.
Household appliances

Used in restaurants, industrial kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, companies in general and people's homes, it has the necessary resistance for the most varied uses under the form of household utensils. Among its properties we may mention resistance to high and low temperatures, a surface that avoid accumulation of waste, a chemical composition that prevents the material from peeling off, durability and low maintenance cost.
Means of Transportation

Steel can be found in cars, trucks, buses, trains, subways, ships, bicycles and motorcycles. It transports people, connects cities and delivers cargo, distributing wealth and spreading progress.
Civil Construction

Broadly used in civil construction, steel may be present as part of the construction or as the main material. The steel constructing system allows freedom for the architectural project, wider usable area, flexibility, compatibility with other materials, shorter execution time, rationalization of materials and manpower, lighter loads on foundations, quality guarantee, better organization of construction sites, building accuracy, besides being 100% recyclable. Learn more about the potential of steel in civil construction visiting the website of the Brazilian Center for Steel Construction, an entity managed by the Brazil Steel Institute:
Packagings and containers

Steel packagings are used by the industry in general, being important in the conservation and transport of foodstuffs, chemicals, agricultural products, paints, kitchen and industrial gases. Regarding foodstuffs in particular, steel prevents contamination, ensuring quality. In addition, it is 100% recyclable.

Steel is used in hydroelectric, thermal-electric and nuclear plants, transmission towers, transformers, electrical cables, rigs, pipes, tubes, oil prospection and extraction equipment, as well as in drills, conveyors and buckets at coal mines. It is, therefore, of key importance in the production and distribution of energy for the Country.

The efficiency of the agricultural sector is directly related to steel consumption. The land is prepared by ploughs, sowed and fenced using steel-containing equipment. During harvest time, steel is also present in the machines used, as well as in storage – silos and granaries, allowing production to reach the markets.
Capital Goods

Steel is beginning to be used in the early stages of the productive chains, in the machines that will be used to produce goods necessary to the well-being of the population, the capital goods. Foodstuffs, household appliances, cleaning and personal care products, cars, etc., all industrialized products depend on capital goods to exist and steel is one of their basic raw materials.

Participation of Consuming Sectors:
The distribution of steel consumption in the country is presented in the graph left (data from year 2016)
Steel and Art

Video about the production of a work of art in steel.

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