Steel and Circular Economy

Differently from the linear economic model (extraction, production, consumption and disposal), circular economy is based on reduction, reuse, remanufacturing and recycling of materials and products, bringing as advantages the conservation of feedstock, waste management efficiency, reduced emissions, in addition to innovations and employments.

Steel is a material that has always been closely connected to the concept of circular economy. It refers to the world’s most recyclable and recycled material. Automobiles, fridges, rebars and all other products made of steel are, by the end of their useful lives, collected and returned to steel plants, to produce steel at the same quality.

Currently, in Brazil, about 30% of all steel produced comes from recycling. Whatever is the scrap origin, the recycling cycle of steel produces new steels that may be used for any of its purposes: automobiles, construction, packages etc. Economy takes benefit from the reduced waste, and so does the planet. The end is nothing but a fresh new start.

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