50 Years of the Institute

The 50 years of the Brazil Steel Institute reflect the development of the Brazilian steel industry. Production rose from 2 to 31.6 million tons of crude steel‚ positioning Brazil as the 9th world’s largest producer. Since then‚ the Brazil Steel Institute has grown along with steel industry and the country's economy. It has helped Brazilian companies to strengthen economic, social and environmental pillars on behalf of their development and society’s.
In the 70’s‚ the Institute and its members conducted the first comprehensive study of Brazilian steel market‚ estimating the demand for subsequent years. The results became reference to the National Steel Industry Plan. During that period‚ the institute was debating with Government and industry‚ investments to expand production capacity. It was necessary to replace imports, until then responsible for 40% of the market.

The barriers to export fulfilled the agenda of Brazil Steel cooperators in the 1980’s. It was from that decade that Brazilian steel exportation jumped from 11,6% of production to 43% in 1985, and it didn’t grow more just because of these barriers. During this decade, the institute expanded its structure with the opening of its regional office in Brasilia, in 1988, same year in which the 6 hours shift was being discussed.

The 90’s were marked by privatization‚ starting with Conisor‚ Usiminas‚ , Aços Finos Piratini, CST, Acesita, CSN, Cosipa e Açominas, companies responsible for almost 70% of national production then. This movement led the Institute to engage in major national issues relating to steel industry‚ such as regulatory frameworks for ports, railways, environmental‚ tax and labor issues, in addition to the foreign trade agreements. Another milestone was the merger of the “Associação das Siderúrgicas Privadas” – ASP (Association of Private Steelmakers) with the institute.

In the 2000s, the institute followed the consolidation of companies and their increasing in scale. At that moment‚ the “Centro Brasileiro de Construção em Aço” (Brazililian Center of Construction in Steel) was inaugurated to promote the use of steel in civil construction. 2009 was another great mark: The Instituto Brasileiro de Siderurgia (Brazilian Institute of Steel)‚ as it was known‚ became Brazil Steel Institute, bringing the strength of the steel to its name‚ highlighting its importance in the daily lives of people and emphasizing the contribution of the product to the country's development. In the following year‚ the Centro de Coprodutos Aço Brasil (Brazil Steel Coproducts Center) was created, in the investment line of environmental development, to study more options to the remains of the steel productive process.

The Brazil Steel and its cooperators are very proud of what they have built through these 50 years and keep the commitment with steady evolution‚ following the development of this sector which is linked to the history of the country's growth. Regardless of what the future holds, the steel will be there.

Solemn celebration of the 50th anniversary of Brazil Steel – Honorees

The first day of the 24th Brazilian Steel Conference, (May 8th and 9th, 2013, RJ) was marked by the commemoration ceremony of the 50th anniversary of Brazil Steel Institute. Founded in May, 1963, the entity brings together and represents the steel producers in the country and acts to promote the development and competitiveness of the sector. The CEO of the Institute, Marco Polo de Mello Lopes highlighted the credibility of Brazil Steel with stakeholders, the ethics in the presentation and defense of the industry demands, the ability to adjust to the changing scenario in Brazil and abroad. Maria Silvia Bastos Marques, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the institute was chosen to thank on behalf of the 16 honorees. The former president defined as intense and remarkable her passage in steel sector and mentioned the slogan “Brazil is made of steel”, created by Brazil Steel Institute, to highlight the importance of the steel to the country.
(Ademar de C. Barbosa Filho represented him)

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