The Brazil Steel Institute has two entities under its management: the CBCA, which focus on the promotion of the use of steel in civil construction; and CB-28, which develops a program regarding norms for steel products.

Please check the profile of both and learn more about their activities.

Brazil Steel Institute MANAGEMENT

Brazil Steel Co-Products Center

Acting now towards a sustainable present and future is the responsibility of everyone, and a priority for the Brazil Steel Institute. That is why we have created the Brazil Steel Co-Products Center, an initiative meant to contribute to the preservation of non-renewable resources and to the country’s development.

CCABrasil, created with the support of the Brazil Steel Institute’s associated members and colaborators, is an important step towards fostering the development of co-products meeting various applications, in terms of quality and sustainability.

Brazilian steel is world-famous for its high quality, and CCABrasil will work to ensure the same to the sector’s other products.

CBCA – Brazilian Center for Steel Construction:

In an effort to overcome obstacles and to study international experiences in the use of steel in construction, Cosipa and Usiminas started, in 1997, some joint works aiming to develop the market for steel construction. In 1999, the GSCM (Steel Industry Group for Metallic Construction) was created, constituted by CSN, ArcelorMittal Tubarão, Usiminas, Cosipa, and later by Gerdau Açominas as well.

The decision of creating in Brazil the CBCA – Brazilian Center for Steel Construction was based on the analysis made by the founders of the GSCM of other countries’ difficulties, especially those engaged in increasing the use of steel construction, such as Great Britain, the US and Japan, where entities such as the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the Kozai Club, played key roles in the development and consolidation of steel construction in their respective markets. The CBCA comes to join the efforts to support steel construction.

The CBCA was created in May, 2003, under the form of a non-profit “consortium”, managed by the Brazil Steel Institute, for the promotion of steel construction.

CB-28 – Technical Norms

The CB-28 is one of the technical committees within the ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Norms, dealing with normatization in the steel field. Under the management of the Brazil Steel Institute, the CB-28 aims at developing a program of norms meeting the society’s actual needs and demands, besides promoting normatization of steel products with the participation of all interested segments..

The work of the CB-28 comprises raw materials and steelmaking inputs, such as: coal, coke, ferroalloys, scrap and products for steel casting; and flat, long and tube steel products, regarding terminology, requirements, test methods and general issues.

The normatization work aims at meeting market needs and demands, consolidating the technological development of the products and standardizing requirements. It also seeks facilitating communication between manufacturers and clients, reducing costs and allowing clients/consumers easy verification of the quality of the products. It also promotes manufacture of quality products, improving productivity and production rationalization, besides facilitating the identification of origin.